Rough and Tumble - RAT: Martial Art of South Africa
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Some Light RAT Sparring

Rough and Tumble (RAT) is a no-nonsense approach to self-defence and combat. Originating in the South African military in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, some say that RAT is one of the pioneering groups for the now popular mixed martial arts (MMA) in South Africa. We were already holding open competitions in the early 1990’s where any style or system can enter and we have always believed in cross-training, sharing and learning from others.

Our aim is simple – to learn what we can about the complete picture of combat. Martial arts incorporate every possibility and while we might do well in a competition, we should always consider what this means in real life. All ranges of combat have their place: weapons, striking (punches, kicks, and so on), standing grappling, and ground grappling.

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RAT Online

We have always tried to innovate and have had great success with this. In recent years, we have been involved in the RAT Online research project, so take a look at the relevant links and be sure to check back often for news about online courses and the RAT Wiki resource.

This is not just shallow imitate and learn type of learning. The method that we use levers off the development of higher order thinking skills needed in complex self-defence situations as encountered in South Africa, as well as the development of observable self-defence skills. This is the only known project of this nature.

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