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Eskrima is the name for a number of martial arts that originated in the Philippines. The art is also known as Arnis and Kali.

Photo of Grandmaster Abner Pasa and participants during a seminar in Durban, South Africa
Eskrima is a diverse and practical martial art consisting of many variants. Characteristically, students in the art learn how to use and defend against weapons first and later learn empty hands techniques.

A typical syllabus might consist of training in the following:

  • Single stick (baston)
  • Double stick (doble baston)
  • Stick and knife (olisi y baraw)
  • Sword and dagger (espada y daga)
  • Pangamut (boxing techniques)
  • Sikiran (kicking)
  • Dumog (wrestling techniques)

Eskrima is a very flexible martial art, which can either serve as a complete martial art in itself, or alternatively as a very practical complement to any other martial art. Eskrima is highly practical in nature and was designed for real combat, both in warring times in the Philipines and nowadays in modern civilian life.

Warrior's Multi System Eskrima

Warrior’s Multi System Eskrima is taught in the club. We have a comprehensive syllabus covering different Eskrima systems and a wide range of weapons and empty hand techniques. Grandmaster Abner Pasa heads up the system worldwide, but also has a personal system known as Balitok Eskrima.

Warrior’s Multi System Eskrima is headed by André du Preez in Africa (open classes), by André Zietsman (open classes) in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and by Steven Yates in Australia (closed classes). See our Classes/Locations page for more information about learning Eskrima.


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