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Kiora Clubs

Image of the Kiora logo
The Kiora club started almost 60 years ago as a little garage Judo dojo on the Bluff, Durban, South Africa. Kiora means the "little one". Judo has remained the main martial art practised at Kiora over the years and still has a very strong following to this day. The club even has a road named after it on the Bluff. 

Kiora Martial Arts

Photo of the Kiora Road name on the Bluff, Durban, South Africa
The late Wayne Roscherr loved the martial arts and saw value in them all, especially those with a more practical nature. He was always open to expanding Kiora Club's offering. Several other arts were later taught at the club:

  • Kiora Judo: Wayne Roscherr, Pierre Botha, Robbie Jordaan, Fanie Bothma
  • Kiora Jiu-Jitsu (Japanese Jiu-Jitsu): Wayne Roscherr, Pierre Botha, Steven Yates
  • Kiora Kung Fu (North Siu Lam): Steven Yates, Ian Souch - the following members become full instructors: Ivan Valderrama, Nathi Zindela, Seth Keppler and Preshan Govender
  • Kiora Tae Kwon Do (Combat Tae Kwon Do): Mok Yu Tuen
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