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RAT Online Project

The RAT Online Learning Project is about teaching and learning martial arts online. The project is a blend between several disciplines:

  • Martial arts (knowledge, skills, and attitudes)
  • Military and civilian armed and unarmed combat
  • Online learning and educational theories
  • Computer supported learning

There are many sites on the Web teaching martial arts to varying degrees, but nobody that we are aware of has taking the learning activities to the extent that we have done in the RAT Online project. Learners have stated that after completing the online courses, they have come out not only knowing a lot more, but been able to think differently, as well as acquiring useful skills.

There are two main components to the RAT Online Project:

  • Martial arts resources for learning
  • RAT Online collaborative learning 

Research Based

The RAT Online Project is part of a Ph.D study in online learning. Every step of the project has been open for peer review by experts in online learning, educational theory, martial arts, and computer interface design.

Many of the research articles have been presented at conferences and/or published in book journals and online journals. The published articles have been blind peer reviewed by experts in the field of educational technology.

List of Research Projects 


  • CITTE (Durban 25-27 September 2002) - RATs on the Web. Plague or blessing? (http://citte.nu.ac.za/papers/id24.pdf - no longer available).

  • WEB 2005 (Cape Town 29–31 August 2005) – RAT Online: Towards Effective Delivery of Online Martial Arts Web Resources (Paper).

  • International Journal of Education and Development using ICT (IJEDICT) (May 2007) RAT Online. The Wheel Spanner: An online self-defence course. Paper selected for special issue (http://ijedict.dec.uwi.edu/). Published in late 2007. Draft version: (http://ijedict.dec.uwi.edu/viewarticle.php?id=427&layout=html)


  • WEB 2003 (Durban 10-12 September 2003) Poster. RATOnline: Teaching a South African Martial Art Online.

  • AFRICAN SCHOLARSHIP (Durban 2-4 December 2003) – Poster presentation. RATOnline: Teaching a South African Martial Art Online.

  • WEB 2004 (Johannesburg 1-3 September 2004) – Poster presentation. Wheel spanners, computers and RATs: An online martial arts course and resources.

  • WEB 2006 (Bloemfontein 5-8 September 2006) – Poster Presentation. RAT Online: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword - An Online Self-Defence Course.
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