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What is RAT?

RAT is a no nonsense form of self-defence, developed for the South African Special Forces (Recces) in the late 1980's to early 1990's.

RAT is now mostly taught to civilians.

Photo of Jean and Nathi at Garvies Beach

A RAT practitioner sees martial arts as incorporating all aspects of fighting, such as standing striking and grappling (i.e. throws, locks and chokes), ground grappling (i.e. holds, locks and chokes) and the use of weapons. We have a simple 5 step approach that we use for all confrontations and it includes the psychological and strategic approach to combat and self-defence.

RAT is not, as many people think, just a combination of good techniques from different martial arts, but practitioners continuously develop new techniques and principles. We see RAT as representing concepts in all martial arts and self-defence systems.

A RAT practitioner will learn to fight as well as use strategy in a number of different ranges and situations and must demonstrate his or her proficiency in a practical manner during grading tests, classes and competitions.

The RAT practitioner will also need to learn when it is appropriate to use combat techniques and which techniques are appropriate for different situations.

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