Warrior’s Eskrima – Orange Belt

Aims of this rank

In this rank the practitioner will revise the syllabus covered so far before moving on to learning more about the Warrior’s Multi-System syllabus. The syllabus will cover some aspects of the RAT training method and self-defence, as it will be useful to understand how Eskrima can be applied as a very effective self-defence martial art.

The student will be expected to demonstrate the following for this rank at a high level:

  • advanced footwork skills,
  • awareness and avoidance techniques in self-defence situations,
  • two throwing techniques,
  • combination skills using the single stick,
  • sequences and angles of attack with the knife,
  • basic knife disarms
  • single stick disarming skills, and
  • sparring skills with and without a weapon.


The practitioner will train for approximately 6 months for this rank.

Course Content