André Du Preez

This page is dedicated to Master André Du Preez who left us unexpectedly in June 2020. We have lost an exceptionally knowledgeable and highly skilful teacher and sincere friend.

Andre Du Preez and Steven Yates
Andre Du Preez (right) and Steven Yates

With over fifty years of martial arts experience, André held advanced black belt ranks in Karate, Kobudo, Eskrima, and was also an advanced practitioner and teacher of Tai Chi and Qigong. Such was the recognition of André’s knowledge and skill, that some students made the martial arts journey with him for over forty years.

André was employed in a special anti-hijacking unit on the airlines in South Africa before becoming a computer programmer. However, he was drawn to life as a professional martial arts teacher and spent the last few decades of his life teaching and training for hours each day.